Sunday, September 6, 2015

alcon colored contact lenses

alcon colored contact lenses When the glasses are considered outdated, contact lenses may be a practical solution that is also fashionable. So ngetrendnya, now not even contact lenses should be worn by those who have vision problems. The proof, now widely circulated fashion contact lenses for normal eye.

The price of contact lenses is very diverse. Ranging from 100 thousand rupiah you can already get a contact lens with a variety of color choices. There are red, green, gray, black, yellow, brown to blue, all can change the appearance of the eyes in an instant. Interested in wearing contact lenses? We recommend that you read the following article first.

Jennie is Hurst, 28, a woman from Southampton, who are blind in the left eye as a result of using contact lenses while swimming. Generally, he always took off the lens while bathing, sleeping and swimming, but this time he forgot. As a result, his left eye infections. Bacteria in the pool water, clinging to contact lenses and cause irritation. Jennie did not realize this danger, he remembered that moment, he felt like there was something jammed in his eyes, and he ignored it.

"Three days later, I realized that my left eye so sensitive to light. I also feel that my irritation, reddening and very itchy," Jennie said as quoted by The next day Jennie experiencing tremendous pain had to be taken to hospital. Examining doctor asks him to return the following week. He continues to perform routine checks to finally know that his eyes were infected and could not work anymore.

Actually, there is no prohibition kok to wear contact lenses. During her treatment and how to use them properly, contact lenses can be beneficial for you.

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