Sunday, October 26, 2014

honey face mask good or bad

honey face mask good or bad What are the benefits of honey for skin beauty of your face?

     Moisturize Skin
     With the ability to bind water substances, nutritious honey moisturizes your skin from the inside. Simply by applying honey to the face, the skin will be protected from ultraviolet light and looks more naturally moist.

     Treating Dry Lips And Black
     Honey can overcome the problem of dry lips and black to be rosy. The trick pour honey into 1 tablespoon, heat honey until slightly dilute and remove the foam. Apply honey to your lips while warm.

     Perform routine every night before bed. After 7 days, you will get more fresh lips and rosy.

     treating Acne
     The causes of acne are clogged skin pores by dirt. Honey has efficacy against infection due to the obstruction and be able to pull the dirt out of the pores. Honey can also kill the bacteria that cause acne on your face.

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